Getting Real With NaBloPoMo

Relaxing in Cancun
Traveling is about more than relaxation, though I could learn a thing or two about relaxing…

In a few months, I will celebrate my 10th year of blogging. I started out writing about parenting and homeschooling, but, like many mom bloggers, I grew out of that genre as my kids grew older. I started travel blogging in 2011, and while I write for several other sites and publications, my posting here has been sporadic. I feel like I’ve never really found my groove and today I realized why.

When a blogging friend posted on Facebook about NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), I got a little nostaligic. I remembered my mommy blogging days – how much I looked forward to sharing my thoughts with my tribe and reading about their trials and adventures. I realized that I have not been true to myself with this travel blog. I’ve focused so much on writing about “where to go” that I forgot to write about “why to go.” And the WHY is a huge part of my traveling. Instead of getting my feelings and experiences written out immediately after a trip, I wait, and research, struggling to find the perfect outlet and timing that sometimes never comes.

So I’m joining the challenge to write on my blog every day in November. I’m going to throw away the editorial calendar and just write. That means you might get a post about summer travel, when ski season is coming up. Who cares? I need to get these stories on the blog before the memories leave my brain (and that doesn’t take too long these days… my memory is fading almost as fast as my eyesight!).

Travel is as much about personal growth as it is about new experiences, adventure, relaxation, or whatever reasons we all may venture out into the world. Every trip won’t be profound or life-changing, but there’s almost always something to be learned. And that’s what I hope to share with you.


  1. Shannon, this is perfect! I read backwards and I’m loving your posts! Please keep it up! Your perspective on travel is valuable to me because 1) I know you, and 2) because your family situation is similar to mine and I need a kick in the rear to get out with the kids and do more. Seriously, there are dozens of things in LA/and iur surrounding area that we’ve never done. It’s shameful, actually. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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