Eastern USA

Top-notch service and amenities at the Stowe Mountain Lodge.

Top-Notch Stay at Stowe Mountain Lodge

One of the nicest things about staying at a first-rate hotel is first-rate service, and that's what my family experienced during our visit to Stowe Mountain Lodge in Stowe, VT.

Central USA

Toyota vehicles.

Toyota Trucks, Minivans, and Community in Texas

I've owned Toyotas for many years and have great respect for the company -- even more so after my visit to Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas.


What is cryotherapy and how does it work?

Cryotherapy at 256 Below

Cryotherapy is touted as a way to reduce inflammation, relieve arthritis pain, boost the immune system, increase metabolism, and lose weight. Does it work?

In the Car

New YouTube series: In The Car

New Travel Vlog: In the Car

I finally took the plunge and started a travel vlog. Introducing: "In the Car," where I share my stories of travel, adventure, and fitness from the car!