Eastern USA

Rock 'N Rollercoaster is my favorite of the Disney World thrill rides.

Six Disney World Thrill Rides: From A Kid’s Perspective

This year I finally decided to try some Disney World thrill rides that I had been too scared to ride before. Here's what I thought!

Central USA

Toyota vehicles.

Toyota Trucks, Minivans, and Community in Texas

I've owned Toyotas for many years and have great respect for the company -- even more so after my visit to Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas.

Western USA

Spring skiing at Squaw Valley, CA. Spring skiing capital!

Squaw Valley is the Spring Skiing Capital

The snow gods buried Squaw Valley in 60+ feet this winter! For the first time ever, the Spring Skiing Capital of Squaw Valley will be open after July 4th!

Entertainment & Lifestyle

Hardest Scenes to Watch in Game of Thrones

5 Hardest Scenes to Watch in Game of Thrones

It's known for being shocking, but these 5 hardest scenes to watch in Game of Thrones are those that make you cringe, cry, cheer, AND curl up in a ball.

In the Car

I loved driving Chevy's Corvette Grand Sport!

I Finally Understand Why People Love Sports Cars

After driving a Corvette at 100mph, I get it. Sports cars are more than just vehicles that get you where you want to go. It's a lifestyle and an experience.